Themed Wedding? Our Top 10 Favourite Themes

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Recently, more and more brides and grooms are opting for themed weddings as opposed to the traditional white wedding.  Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to convey you and your future partner’s relationship to friends and family.

We’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorite themes that we have seen, and hopefully, you can get a bit of wedding inspiration!

1) Fairytale Wedding

If you have always dreamed of wearing a big princess ball gown, your reception at a huge stately home, and a horse and carriage as your wedding transportation, then a fairytale wedding is the perfect theme for you! 

For a Fairytale wedding, we would recomend your decoration to be opulant and ornate and your wedding cake to have tiers upon tiers! Rose gold decor is incredibly in fashion as well as incredibly on point for this theme. 

Of course, no fairytale wedding is complete without the cinderella horse and carriage! 

2) Modern/Chic Wedding

If you are style savvy and like geometric patterns and monochrome colours, then a modern chic wedding is perfect for you! 

For a modern and chic wedding, we would recomend the use of geometric patterns, like the photo above, and the use of gold and silver and/or black and white for your decorations. Unusual wedding venues work best with this theme, particularly city based venues which will bring out the opulent side of a modern wedding. 

Of course, a sleek and elegant wedding gown is essential for any bride looking to convey this them at their wedding. 

3) Rustic Wedding

The rustic wedding is probably the most popular wedding theme at the moment. If you like the use of string lights, mason jars, hessian decorations, and a no fuss wedding, then a rustic wedding is the theme for you. 

This theme is great because of all of the ways you can play with it. Any bridal gown works well, but our favourite combination with a rustic wedding is long sleeved and lace. 

We would recommend the use of hessian, and natural and wooden decorations like log slices. Natural decorations such as flower and vine arrangements work well too. 

Of course, the best place to host a rustic wedding is a barn conversion venue and a naked wedding cake is the perfect addition to a no fuss rustic wedding. 

4) Nautical Wedding

Planning a destination wedding? Or perhaps you and your partner love the British seaside? If so, a nautical wedding would be a great fit for you! 

If you are staying in the UK, then we would recommend sticking to a blue and white colour scheme. Nautical stripes of course, and the utilization of beach memorabilia and pebbles will really make your wedding day stand out. 

To match your theme, a relaxed and floaty empire line wedding gown is your best bet! 

5) Vintage Wedding

Another popular wedding theme at the moment is vintage. While Gatsby is the inspiration for many brides and our personal favourite,  the 1950’s and 60’s etc are another great era to flash back to for your big day. 

If you love opulence, a gold and black colour scheme, and feathers, than a vintage Gatsby wedding is a cracking choice!

To truly emulate the 1920’s vintage gatsby style, we would recommend your wedding gown to have fringing, feathers and delicate beading. A high neck and drop waist line is the perfect touch to create that vintage feel! 

6) Country Garden Party Wedding

If you are looking for a theme that is relaxed, bright and outdoors, then a country garden party could be the right theme for your big day. 

To emulate this theme, the use of large flower arrangements is vital. Vintage china tea cup sets are perfect for this theme, and a touch of rustic charm by hosting the event in a tipi or marquee is a perfect way to throw a country garden party wedding! 

7) Natural and Minimalist Wedding

If you are looking for a simple wedding, with white and natural elements like vines and simple flower arrangements, then a minimalist wedding theme is a great fit for you! 

For this theme, we would recomend the use of subtle colour combos of white contrasted with natural elements like green garlands and vines. The addition of simple white flower arrangements will help bring together this clean and simple theme. 

A simple sleek wedding gown would compliment this theme well. 

8) Alternative Wedding

If you are looking to break all/some of the traditional wedding themes, then an alternative wedding would be a great fit. This theme is great because there are no limitations and you can do whatever works for you and your partner. 

An alternative wedding theme is focused on you and your partner and your interests. For example, the incorporation of steampunk, marvel etc. 

The bride might opt for a white dress, or not, but will most likely want a bouquet or headpiece that is unique and quirky. 

There will be lots of quirky touches with the cake, centerpieces and favours etc. 

9) Seasonal Wedding Theme

One of the easiest ways to theme your wedding is to organize the event around the season your wedding is taking place.

Winter Weddings are our personal favourite, but autumn works well too! What ever season you choose for your wedding, the use of similar colour palettes will compliment your theme perfectly. For example, deep reds, dark blues, silvers and golds work well for a winter wedding. 

Just because your wedding is in winter, doesn’t mean you have to go with a Christmas theme either. Choosing a warm colour palette and the use of candelabras and light reflecting decor can warm up your cold wedding day without the use of Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. 

10) Festival Wedding

If you are looking for a bright colour scheme, laid back and outdoors then a festival wedding might be perfect for you and your partners big day. 

This would particularly suit couples that love festivals, or perhaps even met at a festival! 

A festival wedding is the perfect excuse to extend your wedding day into a wedding weekend. 

For a festival theme, we would recommend live music, outdoor games, tipi’s or marquees and of course, street food! 

No matter what theme you choose for your wedding, incorporating the things that you and your partner love will only make your big day that much more special. 

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