A Guide: Wedding Dress Shapes to Suit your Body Type

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Finding your dream wedding dress isn’t as easy as it seems like TV shows and films tend to portray. 

Many brides enter a bridal shop with no knowledge of what shape their own body is and what the best style of dress is that would accentuate their figure. 

We’ve decided to make this a bit easier for you. 

We have compiled a list of body shapes and the dresses that suit them so that you can go into your wedding gown appointment with a knowledge of what style will suit you best. 

Straight Body Types

Your body type will be considered as straight if you have a less defined waist with your bust and hips balanced. This is more commonly considered to be the ‘sporty’ or ‘athletic’ build.

Wedding gowns that give you a defined waist are the most flattering for this figure. Full skirts give the illusion of wider hips and curves.

Wedding dresses with a ‘V’ shape neckline and embellishments will add more angles and definition to your shape.

Look for: Ball gowns and embellished wedding dresses

ballgown v shape

Pear Body Shape

Your body type will have hips that are wider than you bust and shoulders, with a defined waist. Pear shaped women tend to have petite shoulders and narrow neckline. 

Wedding dresses that are fitted all the way down will bring attention to your best body feature – your waist.

Dresses with sleeves and shoulder details will balance out the look and draw attention to your dainty top half. 

Look for: Fishtail and long and cap sleeve wedding dresses

Hourglass Body Shape

Similarly to the pear shape, this body shape has a defined waist, but typically with a more balanced shoulders and bust. Hour glass figures tend to be more curvaceous.  

Fitted (particularly around the waist) wedding dresses tend to be the most flattering for hourglass figures, and we suggest a corset style rather than button or zip up. 

Sweetheart necklines and strapless dresses are most flatter for the top half of this figure as it keeps the balance of your shape. 

Look for: A-line  with a dropped hem, fit and flare, and strapless dresses. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This shape is where the upper body (shoulders and bust) is wider/larger than the lower body. Typically, the inverted triangle shape tends to have broad shoulders and slim hips and waist. 

V neck wedding dresses tend to be perfect for this shape, as it re-balances your figure.

Thick straps and sleeves help make the shoulders appear smaller, and detailed and allover lace patterns will take away attention from your top half toward the bottom. 

Look for: V neck, sheath and embellished lace wedding dresses. 


Apple Body Shape

This body shape tends to have a large bust and narrow hips. Typically, apple body shapes have a wider midsection than both the bust and hips. They tend to have slender arms and legs. 

Straight and subtle flared gowns are best suited to this body type as they flow through the waistline. 

Lower necklines and upper body details will help take away the attention from your middle and embellished vertical patterns are especially flattering. 

Look for: Straight and slim with embellished v neckline wedding dresses. 

Short Body Types

Petite brides might find it particularly difficult to find a dress that suits them simply due to their height. 

Princess and ball gown style dresses tend to drown their bodies and the alterations involved are a job in themselves. 

Tea length dresses are a great alternative, while still keeping to that bridal feel. 

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